Purifies, firms, and gives a radiant look. This treatment is an effective cocktail containing microcrystalline algae, silk extracts, and a natural amino acid, which works to eliminate dead cells that clog the pores of the skin and slow down the rate of oxygen exchange in the skin.

The active ingredients, combined with the unique massage methods of the treatment, purifies and firms the skin, and emphasizes the contours of the face. The treatment gives the skin a radiant, firm, and taut appearance.

The firming and lifting effect of the LIFT CVS ® treatment can be seen immediately after the treatment.

Benefits Of The Treatment:

  1. Removes dead cells and enriches the epidermis with moisture.
  2. Real stretching effect in only 45 minutes.
  3. The skin gets a smoother appearance, while the wrinkles are blurred.
  4. Performs gentle, mechanical, and chemical peeling for the epidermis layer.
  5. Firms and stretches the skin.