"Your skin can make you happy, if you help it shine"​

- Gaelle Levy​

The Philosophy

Never Stop Feeling Beautiful

At the clinic we focus on understanding your skin condition, type, needs and wants. We fit you with a personalized treatment that’s designed to help your skin and body achieve the healthiest, radiant, most beautiful version of itself. 

Treatments That Work Wonders

No matter what your skin type is, it will change over time due to multiple factors like environmental conditions, age and habits. Gaelle and her team offer their costumers personalized treatments as well as highly effective products that not only take these factors into account but also adjust to the changing needs of your skin

Care Made Easy

Don’t let your beauty routine be a chore. We make it easy for you, with top quality products and treatments all In one place! Brows our full range of professional products, treatments and tools, including our signature Biologique recherche bio- cosmetics products. 

Harm free treatment

No parabens or ingredient toxins. Only ingredients that support your best and highest health.

Gaelle's Methodology


Gaelle believes in personalized treatment uniquely addressed to each client and their skin type, including the most modern and proven technologies and treatment protocols. This is combined with guidance for how to continue the treatment at home. The level of personal treatment and attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of Gaelle’s methodology and one of the reasons she was chosen as an ambassador by the international brand – Biologique Recherche.

Carefully Crafted Treatments

At our clinic, we offer some of the world’s most advanced treatments with unique state-of-the-art technologies. A large part of our treatments specialise in Phyto biological cosmetics, and involve personalised consulting and accompanying, for the best results.

Popular treatments

  • Acne & blemishes 
  • Scar & post Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Advanced anti-aging using advanced technologies 
  • Biologic treatment for seborrheic dermatitis & psoriasis 

Other aesthetic treatments

  • Tattoo removal by laser
  • Advanced aesthetic medicine 
  • Lymphatic body massage  
  • Cellulite RF treatment
  • Laser hair removal using the world’s most advanced technology