Accessibility Statement

Gal Levy Cosmetics Ltd. H.P. 516294998 ("Company")

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The Company attaches great importance to making the content of its website equally accessible to all segments of the population, including for people with disabilities in accordance with the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, 5758-1998 (hereinafter: "the Law""), and for the regulations promulgated by virtue of it, we carried out a comprehensive review of all service units. All this in order to provide a service experience that meets the unique requirements of its customers and in order to make the site as friendly and convenient to use as possible. The company invests effort and resources in order to provide its customers with equal, dignified, accessible and professional service.

Website accessibility

The site uses the services of the accessibility software of the company "________", which is operated through a dedicated accessibility server, which enables the site to comply with the provisions of the Israeli standard _____ and the guidelines document of the global network consortium________at the level of accessibility___, and in accordance with the adjustments detailed below.

Adjustments made to the site

The accessibility menu on the site is located at the bottom of the page on the left side and is marked with the international   accessibility symbol in black. 

The accessible menu allows for the following adjustments:

  • Enlarging and decreasing the site font to _ different sizes

  • Change color contrast based on a dark background

  • Change color contrast based on a light background

  • Adapting a site for color blind people

  • Change the font to be more readable

  • Zoom in up to 200%

  • Highlighting links on the site

Browser accessibility 



Despite the company's efforts to enable browsing on an accessible site for all pages of the site, pages on the site may be discovered for which accessibility adjustments have not yet been made, or for which the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found. We continue at all times to improve the accessibility of the site, as much as possible, out of a belief and moral commitment to enable convenient and equal use of the site for the entire population, including people with disabilities.