Privacy Policy

  • introduction

  1. This policy is the privacy policy of the website, operated by Gal Levy Cosmetics Ltd. H.P. 516294998 (Hereinafter: "Company"), which provides information about the information collected by the Company and the Company's use of the information provided to it and collected by it through the Website (as defined below), by telephone or in any other way (hereinafter respectively: "Policy" and/or "This Policy").
  2. The Privacy Policy applies to any viewing and/or use of the Website whose address is, by any means of communication (hereinafter: "the Website").

The privacy policy is part of the site's terms of use (click here: _____________)

  1. ) (hereinafter: the "Terms of Use") and therefore should be read together.
  2. By using the Website, the products and/or services offered therein, you agree that the Company will make use of information about you as detailed in the Privacy Policy.
  3. The Company may change the provisions of the Privacy Policy from time to time. In any case where changes are made to the privacy policy, the date of updating the privacy policy will appear at the top of this page, and therefore the privacy policy should be examined before using the site. Unless otherwise stated, any change to the Privacy Policy will take effect immediately upon its publication on the Sites within the framework of the Privacy Policy.
  4. If you do not agree to any of the terms of the Privacy Policy set forth below, please terminate your use of the Website immediately. If you continue to use the Website, this will constitute your explicit acceptance of the Terms of Use and this Policy.
  5. The contents of the Privacy Policy are written in the masculine gender for convenience only, and everything stated therein is intended for both women and men. Yes, all that is stated in the privacy policy in the singular, if plural in the meaning, and vice versa.
  • Collection of Personal Information and Purposes of Use

    1. As part of the use of the site that requires the provision of personal information, you will be asked to provide a number of personal data such as: full name, telephone number, e-mail address and more. This data will be transferred and stored in the Company's database in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 ("the law").

It should be emphasized that the provision of the aforementioned data by you is not required by law, but without providing the data defined on the site as "mandatory", you will not be able to open a user account on the site or purchase from the services and/or products advertised on it.

  1. The data defined as mandatory will be marked differently and conspicuously from the other fields. Since the Company will ask only for the information necessary for the product you purchased or the service for which you registered, for some of the products and/or services advertised on the Site, you will be asked to add and provide additional data relevant to the nature and/or requirements of the service and/or product you purchased.
  2. You give your full consent that the Company may collect and produce the information about you, and make use of the information, in order to enable you to use the Site, for marketing and sales purposes, to provide offers, to provide benefits, to make contact, to send updates, to contact and identify, to verify details, to improve the service, to provide services, to send direct mail, to receive direct mail services, to receive messages encouraging purchase, analysis and processing of information, segmentation and statistical research, as well as for business purposes and for advertising and marketing purposes.
  3. In addition to the purposes of use specified in this document or in the Terms of Use, and without derogating from them, the Company shall be entitled to make use of the information, and transfer it to third parties, at its discretion, inter alia in order to comply with the provisions of the law, including any legislation, law, convention, ordinance, regulation, order, official order, administrative directive, circular and/or directive of any governmental or regulatory body; In the event of a complaint and/or request in connection with the use of the Website and/or in order to address security and/or technical problems in the system; In the event of a legal or business dispute between you and the Company; To respond to third party claims; In order to protect the property rights of the Company and/or users of the Site; In cases where the use of the site is made contrary to what is stated in the terms of use and / or contrary to the provisions of any law and for the purpose of changing and improving the site.
  4. You confirm that for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, the Company may transfer the information to third parties, who may use the information transferred to them for the same purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and in the Terms of Use for the purpose of providing services to the Company (such as computer and information processing services, advertisers on the Site, clearing and payment services, shipping services, direct mail, etc.) as well as for activities that support the provision of the services (such as lawyers, accountants, business development and other consultants), as well as keep the information in their databases. It is clarified that the Company will not bear responsibility of any kind whatsoever, for any use by a third party of such information.
  5. Insofar as the Company takes action of restructuring, transfer of control, sale of activity, merger, etc., with a third party, the Company will be entitled to transfer any information in its possession to that third party as aforesaid in connection with the business activity that is the subject of the Website.
  6. The Company collects and processes in its information systems information information that it needs in order to provide users of the Site with the services and/or products advertised therein, while protecting the legitimate interests of the Company, all in accordance with the provisions of the law. As a rule, users of the site are not obligated to provide the information, but failure to provide the information will negate the company's ability to provide the services and/or products offered by it.
  7. In addition, during the use of the site, information about the user will be collected, as follows:
    1. Personal Information - The provision of information by the user on the site takes place during registration and opening a user account on the site, therefore you will be asked to provide personal information about you and ways of contacting you, such as your name, email and telephone address, accompanying documents, etc. Some of the aforementioned details will be marked as "mandatory fields" in which you will not be able to complete the requested action. Insofar as for the purpose of registering or purchasing specific services and/or products, you may be required to provide additional personal information, which is required according to the nature and/or requirements of the service and/or product. These additional personal details will be marked as "mandatory fields" as stated on the product purchase page.
    2. Transaction/Signal - Whenever you make a purchase of products through the site, its details will be saved and displayed in your transaction history. In addition, you will be asked to enter details of means of payment, such as credit card, or any other payment methods that will be published on the Site and/or accepted by the Operator from time to time (hereinafter: "Means of payment").

Without derogating from the aforesaid, you authorize the Company to use the payment method and ID you entered for the purpose of verifying your identity in connection with the payment.

If required, after receiving the details of the means of payment, the Company will be entitled to save the last four digits of your debit card (or the equivalent by another means of payment) for the purpose of identifying and performing actions at the User's request for future actions, without saving the remaining details.

It should be emphasized that the details of the means of payment are not stored in the Company's systems.

  1. Site activity – The company documents the user's activity on the site, including products purchased, pages you visit, the time and time of your access to the sites, mailing messages you receive and more.
  2. Data about your browsing means – When you use the Site, the Company (and/or anyone acting on its behalf) collects and saves information received from you and from your activity on the Site, including your IP addresses, device ID, type of browser you use, etc.
  3. Documents – Information collection can also be carried out by receiving documents from the user.
  4. By authorized parties – the collection of personal information can be carried out directly with the user or through anyone acting on his behalf, such as a representative lawyer, guardian and any lawful proxy.
  1. It is clarified that you are not legally obligated to provide any details to the Company, and providing them depends on your will and consent. However, if you do not provide such details, your experience of using the Sites may be impaired and/or some of the features of the Sites may not be available to you and in certain cases, the Company will not be able to provide you with the service and/or product requested by you.
  2. The information you provide is used by the Company to provide you with the services and/or products that are the subject of the Website. Therefore, inaccurate information provided by you will affect the information you receive from the Company when you use the Website and/or when receiving services and/or products, including the ability to contact you as defined in the Privacy Policy.
  • Confidentiality, Information Security and Encryption
    1. The Company undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information in its possession, and to ensure that all dealers on its behalf, undertake in writing to maintain the confidentiality of the information and the absence of its use, except in the fulfillment of their duties and for the purpose for which the information was provided.
    2. The provision of information on the Website and/or its collection while browsing and using the Website are secure procedures using the TLS (Transport Layer Security) and/or SSL protocol used in the field of e-commerce, which enables encryption of information transmitted over the Internet in a way that does not allow reading and/or identification of the information at the time of its transfer.
    3. The Company takes technological security measures for the information in its possession, and in accordance with any law. To this end, the Company implements advanced technological security measures to prevent loss of personal information, damage to its integrity, unauthorized access to it or its unlawful modification, as well as standards customary in the Internet industry, including encryption and other protections, including: limiting direct access of third parties to the database, managing access permissions to the Company's information systems and limiting them, managing passwords, employing means to identify and verify the identification of Site users, Installing firewalls, encrypting personal information transmitted over communication networks, documenting access to the database and security incidents that raise concerns about compromising the integrity of the information or using it without authorization, periodic backup of the information, adopting procedures and mechanisms to ensure the restoration of personal information, and performing periodic audits to comply with this policy. In addition, the company takes precautions against internet fraud, being the target of fraudulent attempts by various entities in Israel and around the world. Accordingly, the Company recommends that Site users surf the Internet using a safe browser, ensure that the existing means of communication at the Operator are up-to-date, and update them as needed, and ensure that passwords are maintained to access the Personal Area and not given to others, if any, on the Site.
    5. USING A COMPUTER WITHOUT ACTIVE, UP-TO-DATE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE OR AN UPDATED OPERATING SYSTEM EXPOSES YOU TO VIRUSES AND/OR SPYWARE) that may record or disrupt your actions on the computer. You are solely responsible for ensuring that viruses do not penetrate the computer from which your activity is carried out on the Sites, by installing antivirus tools and updating it regularly.
    6. Beware of fake emails or text messages (SMS, etc.) - Fake emails or text messages are messages supposedly sent on our behalf that ask the recipient of the message to enter the site and / or another site through a link provided within the message, and to provide or update his personal data detailing the reasons for which the update is required: security reasons, upgrading systems, etc. The link in the message can be an exact imitation of the official website of the company from which the letter was supposedly sent. In this way, they unlawfully attempt to obtain the recipient's personal data for the purpose of accessing their accounts.
    7. As a rule, we do not send by email and/or text messages requests for your contact details, such as username and password, as required to use the Website. Therefore, if you hold a password for personal use on the Site, please know that the password is secret and intended for you only, it may not be transferred to any party in the Operator or any other foreign party. Any request for your password is fraudulent Please ignore it and notify us immediately.
  1. Aggregated and non-personal information

The Company may make use of aggregated and non-personal information that it has collected in any of the aforementioned circumstances. The Company may combine non-personal information it has collected with additional non-personal information collected from other sources. In addition, the Company may share aggregated information with third parties, including consultants, advertisers and investors, for the purpose of conducting general business analysis. For example, the Company may report to its advertisers the number of visitors to the Site and the most popular features or service or products. Such information does not include any personal information and may be used to develop content and service that will assist the user and to adapt content and advertising.

    1. Advertisement
      1. When using the Site's systems and/or purchasing products on the Site, you agree that the Company or anyone acting on its behalf will contact you, including by electronic message, short message or any other means or way, and will send advertisements aimed at encouraging the purchase of a product or service or encouraging the expenditure of funds in any other way, as well as any other advertisement notice.
      2. At any time, you may withdraw your consent and cease receiving such advertisement by clicking on the "Remove" button in the body of the message sent to you or by contacting the Company as detailed in this policy below.
  • Cookies
      1. As stated in the User's Terms, the Company uses "cookies" (hereinafter: "Cookies"") used inter alia to verify details, adapt to user preferences and collect statistical information. It is clarified that no approval is requested from you prior to such use.
      2. Please note that "cookies" are files located on the hard disk of your personal computer that allow you to collect information about your preferences on the Internet and your usage habits, such as favorite websites, interests, etc. The Company may use "cookies" which will enable it to adapt the Website, the content and services offered therein to the users' preferences and improve the browsing experience on the Site.
      3. Insofar as you do not wish information to be collected by the Company through the use of "cookies", you can change the settings in the browser you use, delete existing "cookies", prevent the creation of "cookies" or create an option whereby upon disclosure of any "cookie" you will be given the opportunity to consent or refuse the creation of such a file. Your choice not to accept "cookies" and/or to cancel the acceptance of "cookies" will reduce your ability to enjoy or alternatively detract from all interactive features and/or all services on the site.
  • Links to Other Sites
      1. The Website may include links to various websites on the Internet (hereinafter: the "Links"), which are not operated by the Company (hereinafter: the "Various Sites") and which have a different privacy policy.
  • Waiver
      1. The Company bears no responsibility for damages caused or likely to be caused to you as a user of the Site or to third parties as a result of the use of the Site and/or the information provided and collected as a result of such use and/or the inability to use them and/or damages caused by events beyond its direct control.
      2. The Company does not have the ability to guarantee that there will be no performance errors in the security of personal information about you. In addition, the Company will not be liable for any case or damage, direct or indirect, in connection with the use and/or provision of personal information, including, inter alia, disclosure of personal details due to errors, unauthorized access by third parties and any other party that is not under their reasonable control. Use of the Website is at your own risk and you agree that you will have no demand and/or claim and/or claim against the Member and/or anyone on their behalf in connection with the use of the Website.
  • Your rights in connection with the information
    1. Right to review and correct the information Any person may review personal information about him (as the term is defined in section 7 of the Law) held by the Company. In order to review the information, the User must contact the Company or by contacting the Website online. If it turns out that the information is incorrect, incomplete or accurate, the User will be entitled to request its correction or deletion, and the Company will act in accordance with the User's request, provided that there are no legal grounds for rejecting it. The Company shall respond to such request of a User within thirty (thirty) days of receipt.

The foregoing does not apply to information that is confidential by law, unless the confidentiality is in favor of the applicant.

  1. You are entitled to review, by yourself or by another person authorized by you in writing or by a guardian, information about you held in the Company's database. If you have reviewed the information about you and found that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or out of date, you may contact the Company with a request to correct the information.
  2. For any questions regarding this Privacy Policy as well as requests to correct information and remove information, you may contact us in accordance with what is detailed in this Policy below.
  3. You agree that the Company may prevent you from using the Website by chance.
  • general
      1. This Privacy Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Israeli law. The competent court in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa District shall have jurisdiction over any matter arising from this Privacy Policy.
      2. The use and browsing of the site constitute consent to all that is stated in this document.
      3. If it is determined by a competent court that any provision of the Privacy Policy is illegal and/or invalid and/or unenforceable, in whole or in part, then and to the extent so determined by the competent court, that provision alone or (as the case may be) only part thereof will be void, and this will not affect the other provisions of the Privacy Policy which will remain in force and bind you.
      4. The Company shall not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to you or anyone acting on your behalf, if any information about you is lost, or reaches a hostile party and/or is used in any way without authorization.
      5. The Company may and may change (by way of modification, deletion, removal, download, addition, including adding conditions) (hereinafter: "Change") of the Privacy Policy on the Website, from time to time and at its sole discretion.
      6. Use of the Website and/or Systems will be subject to the new Privacy Policy after the change and therefore you must read the Privacy Policy each time you use the Website.
  • Ways of communicating with the company:

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